Meet The Guides


Chad Lloyd, Owner/Founder

I am the owner/operator of arkansas county guide service.  I was raised hunting ducks in the same areas where we hunt today in Stuttgart, Arkansas. As a kid I always tagged along with who I would say was one of the finest, most comical, and generous person in the world that I called grandpa. At the age of fifteen I was helping grandpa with clients at the hunting club, which is when I grew the passion of waterfowl hunting. As time progressed  I added a name for the service, Arkansas County Guide Service. I listened to wise words and things have grown dramatically. One thing I can always fall back on is the words grandpa always said "boy, you got it as bad as i did". With those words and memories it has helped me become the man I am today. As owner/operator I run a non stop four month waterfowl season. The other time it takes most of the off season to prepare for the next season. I follow waterfowl all over the Arkansas each year to ensure that each of my hunters expectations are met. I am proud of this dream that I have made a reality! Here below is a list and bio of guides and our personal taxi cab driver who I personally stand behind representing Arkansas county guide service. 


Kate McGrath

Kate is an avid lover of the outdoors and dedicated duck hunter since 2015. She first learned to hunt wood ducks in the swamps of South Carolina and has since traveled to various states on her own to experience a range of different hunting environments. She has already checked 12 different species of ducks off her list and has plans to travel for more. She is an Army veteran and a current full time Deputy Sheriff out of Greenville, South Carolina. Kate started assisting as a guide with us in 2017 and will be back guiding in the 2018 season. She is considered one of the guys and knows how to kill some birds! Kate is also a skilled, published photographer and loves to capture moments for the hunters. Follow her hunting photos on instagram under #theduckhuntress. 



Gordon Bragg

Gordon began chasing ducks at an early age with his dad and uncle in the famous Boeuf River Swamp. Ever since he killed his first mallard at the age of 8 years old, Gordon has been hooked on duck hunting.  He progressed to hunting the rice and agricultural fields of North LA and South Arkansas. Gordon started guiding in 1995 in Louisiana and has been guiding in Arkansas for 6 years now, bringing 42 years of hunting experience to Arkansas County Guide Service. In his spare time he likes to fish with his wife Kristy of 26 years, and spend time with his son Austin and daughter Zoe. He recently took his love for duck hunting to a new level when he started his own call company. Be sure to check out Bragging Rights Cut Down Calls on Facebook & Instagram!