Arkansas Guided Specklebelly Goose hunts


Arkansas county guide service offers both morning and afternoon specklebelly goose hunts. Specklebelly goose hunts take place in flooded and dry agricultural fields in layout blinds, pit blinds, A frame blinds, or wearing white suits. The situation of how we hunt specklebelly's vary with the weather conditions and how the migration is at that point in the season.  For a typical morning hunt the guide will give information on the hunting setup and conditions the evening before the goose hunt. The group hunting will either leave from our lodge following the guide to the field, or be given a location to meet at the morning of the hunt. Following arrival to the field, the guide will give everyone information on what will be going on for the morning hunt and the setup. We recommend to use a 12 gauge shotgun with bbs or T shot. 
Evening specklebelly goose hunts will normally meet up around 1:00 pm at one of the three of our primary meeting areas and leave out to the field. Upon arrival to the field the guide will go over the setup and the situation for that day and everyone will settle in to the blinds or hunting situation for that day. Transportation in and out the field is provided as well as decoys and blinds.  Let Arkansas county guide service take you on your next or first speckabelly goose hunt in Stuttgart, Arkansas. 
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Specklebelly Goose Hunts

Arkansas county guide service  Is a Premier  Waterfowl outfitter for not only guided duck hunts, but for  guided specklebelly goose hunts as well. Stuttgart  is also a huge wintering ground for snow geese and speckebelly geese. Specklebelly geese are not only one of the most amazing geese to watch decoy they are the most vocal waterfowl to call to and to listen to calling back.  Over the past several years the specklebelly population and hunting here in Stuttgart, Arkansas has became very popular. They are not only a great decoying bird but ribeye in the sky is a understatement on how well these birds taste. Give us a opportunity to see it for yourself.  The 2017-2018 specklebelly goose season here at Arkansas county guide service was a success with just shy of 2800 specklebelly geese harvested in the Stuttgart, Arkansas area. Be sure to give us a call for morning or evening speckabelly goose hunts in Stuttgart, Arkansas. 

Morning hunt only $200 a gun
Afternoon hunt $175 a gun
Lodging $50 a person per nite